About me

I’m former CPO and current SVP of R&D at DraftKings, a venture backed daily fantasy sports company. We have raised >$300 from Raine, Atlas, Redpoint, GGV and others. I am also one of the original seed investors in the company.

Prior to joining DraftKings, I founded Ando Media and served as Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research and Development from its inception in 2003 to 2008 when it was acquired by Triton Digital ($30MM).

More History

In 1999, I founded a company called AlinQ (Ay-Link) which was a hosting provider for Internet radio stations.  In 2002, it was acquired.

In 2003, I founded another software company called Ando Media.  We developed the “Ad Injector” platform which put targeted ads into live Internet radio streams and Webcast Metrics which measured the audience (Nielsen for Internet radio).

We closed a $500,000 seed round from some angel investors in late 2004 as our only financing round.

In 2009, Ando Media was acquired by Triton Digital ($30MM).

Today, that software (Ad Injector and Webcast Metrics) runs and measures more than $1 billion worth of Internet radio ads each year across more than 5,000 radio stations in the United States including Pandora, CBS, iHeart, Slacker and thousands of others.

Between 2009 and 2012, I made some seed investments.

In early 2012, I made a seed investment in a startup called DraftKings.

Shortly after, I joined the company in an operational capacity, first to lead mobile product and then as Chief Product Officer.



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